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Welcome to Teach Performance.

We're here to support, inspire, encourage and educate Artist-Teachers.

Perhaps you are an Artist wanting to run workshops and is looking to develop confidence in your own approach and ability to teach.

Perhaps you are a Teacher inside or outside formal education who wants inspiration and professional development.

Perhaps you have an established practice and want new energy, inspiration and validation.

Whatever your reason for coming here - you're welcome.

What you do matters.

Art matters!

What Teach Performance Offers

Teach Performance supports Artist-Teachers - any performance form, any level of education, any stage of your career, inside or outside formal educational contexts.

There's never been a more important time to Teach Performance - nor a harder time to find support for doing so.

After a lifetime of teaching, directing, performing and running workshops, I want to give back to the international community of Artists & Teachers who do so much good around the world.

Teach Performance offers Online Training Courses, Books, a Individual or Small Group Online Mentorship.

Scroll down for an outline of everything Teach Performance currently offers.

Online Training Courses

The Teach Performance Programme is Teach Performance's Core Offer. It's a comprehensive online training. Over 40 videos in six modules guide you to deep understanding of the WHY and HOW of teaching performance. It offers you a firm ground to understand, explain and communicate your unique offer as an Artist Teacher.

Available as a complete programme or you can buy each module individually.

More Details:

The Complete Teach Performance Programme

Individual Modules:

Module 1 - The Big Picture

Module 2 - The Learning Journey

Module 3 - Pedagogies, Paradigms & Principles

Module 4 - Flow & Flexibility

Module 5 - Feedback

Module 6 - Past, Present, Future

The Presence Package is a personal development programme.

It contains 10 days of audio-guided immersion in developing presence, alongside written and audio-based understanding of why presence matters, how to develop it and how to train others to be more present with you as you teach.

Presence really is your superpower. Learn to use it.

Find out more here.


'How To Teach Performance' is a step-by-step guide to designing and delivering workshops in any performance style, at any level, online or off.

It's an indispensible handbook to assist you turn your vision into reality.

Available as a PDF E-book for immediate download, and additionally as a Print Book.

Full Details Here.

Climbing The Mountain: The Performer's Journey Into Presence contains 30 short talks to guide an ensemble of performers into ever-deeper states of sensitivity, awareness, connection and presence.

It draw together so many of the strands that make up deep-level performer training - practical, technical, spiritual, philosophical, conceptual, emotional -in other words, the many and magnficent strands of what it is to be alive.

More details here.


I offer a mentorship to a small number of Artist-Teachers.

This takes three possible forms:

Individual Mentorship on an hourly basis - to discuss particular questions or blockages we cna set up single or multiple sessions.

Small Group Mentorship. If you are part of a team of Artist-Teachers and would like to work with me to develop your practice, we can organise single or multiple sessions focused on your specific needs.

Individual Teach Performance Journey. This is a package for Artist-Teachers wanting to make a significant investment in the growth of their understanding and skills. You will work through The Teach Performance Programme and each week we will have a conversation to explore your responses and how - in detail - you can translate your understanding into the practice of delivering workshops in the specific contexts you work in.

All sessions take place on Zoom and are recorded for your future reference.

I don't accept anyone for mentorship unless I am certain I can help you. So I ask that if you are interested you fill in a short form and set up time for a brief conversation with me to clarify exactly what you are looking for. You can access the form by clicking the button below.

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Teach Performance.

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