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Module 3 - Pedagogies & Paradigms

What is The Teach Performance Programme?

Anyone who teaches performance knows what it's like to feel out of your depth.

To feel the ground you're standing on is shaky.

To feel lost.

A sense of panic.

It's inevitable. We teach how to move beyond what's known.

That means getting lost sometimes.

That's what teaching performance is.

The Teach Performance Programme will help you find unshakeable ground to stand on.

When you're lost, it'll help you find your way back home.

It's based in 'The Why & How Approach' - two basic questions: 'Why?' and 'How?'

They sound simple, but like all simple things, they're a simplicity at the far side of knowledge and experience.

Once you know your WHY and HOW, it clarifies WHO, WHERE and WHAT you want to teach.

That's how you define your unique offer.

When you get lost - which we all do - your WHY and HOW is the ground you return to.

It's the ground you stand on. Again and again.

It's how you understand your work, and explain and sell it to students and employers.

It's fine to start teaching by copying what someone once taught you.

It's not enough though.

To flourish, find your deeper purpose, your unique voice.

The alternative is a lifetime of feeling underprepared, under-confident and undervalued.

Or worse, losing the passion that made you want to teach performance in the first place.


The world needs your vision and your passion.

Don't be just 'another' teacher.

Be a Fire-Maker - lighting flames in those you teach, changing the world one student at a time.

What's in Module 3 of 'The Teach Performance Programme'?

Pedagogies, Paradigms, Principles & Presence:

In this module we go right to the heart of learning. We deal with some really big questions.

The difference between awareness and attention.

How to structure attention to create focus and concentration.

How to identify and challenge preconceptions and blockages both in students and in ourselves.

How to make simple exericses into rich, endlessly repeatable learning processes.

How to explain to employers and students that we're always teaching more than we seem to be teaching.

How to train ourselves and our students to be present and responsive, so we can all truly engage with learning?

The videos in the module include:

Learning to Learn.

Understanding Attention.

Identifying paradigms.

Three intersecting pedagogies.

The 8 Principles of Presence.

If you purchase Module 3 - The Learning Journey, you will automatically receive a 10% discount on all future modules you choose to purchase. No time limit.

All modules of The Teach Performance Programme come with a 30 day money-back promise. If you do not find the work suits your needs, I'll refund your payment without question.

What people say about

Teach Performance

‘I immediately found the knowledge you shared changed how I taught and understood my own work’

(Clown Teacher - Manchester)

‘What I love about John's work is that it is based in really deep research’

(Circus Performer/Teacher - Greece)

‘It gave me a new perspective on the entire concept of how theatre can be shared with pupils.’ Community Activist – Delhi, India

I found a solid framework to answer the questions that arose through the programme.’

Dance Artist – Bangalore, India

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About me

I've been teaching, directing, performing, writing and researching for thirty years. I started from working as a performer in Physical Theatre, but over time my work grew to embrace theatre, dance, circus, and other body-based disciplines, with a particular focus on ensemble, physical theatre, improvisation, psychophysicality and presence.

I've worked in almost every area of professional, institutional and community teaching across Europe, the Americas, India, China, Australia and online. I'm the author of three books and for several years ran a practice-based MA at a UK University.

I've taught extensively in institutions such as India’s National School of Drama, The National Institue of Circus Arts in Australia, Universidad Pontificada in Colombia, the Balletakademien in Sweden, The University of Western Macedonia in Greece, Hangzhou Normal University in China, The National Autonomous University of Mexico and many others.

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