John Britton

I've spent 30 years performing, teaching and directing across Europe, the Americas, India, China and Australasia. My focus is deep-level training of performers, specialising in presence, interconnection and creativity.

I'm fascinated by embodiment, mind-body connection, body-based mindfulness, interpersonal communication, fearlessness, creative process and how people learn - as well as by my 'day job' of making (and helping others make) excellent art.

This wasn't really what I was expected to end up doing. My parents came from lower middle class/working class backgrounds and wanted (ie. pushed) me to get a 'safe' job. I knew I wanted to study Drama at University, but they wouldn't agree. So I studied English Literature instead. I'm forever grateful to them that they steered me in that direction!

At post-graduate level I took my own path - as I have ever since. I studied Theatre at Leeds University.

The pandemic - and some health problems that arose just before Covid (as a result of overwork, over-traveling and under-sleeping) - forced me into another period of reflection and reconsideration.

Again I'm grateful. It helped me see parts of myself - especially in relationship to landscape and engaging with the natural world - that I ignored for far too many years.

Now, I work as a consultant, teacher and mentor across corporate, educational and community fields, mentoring individuals and training Artists, Teachers and Activists to design and deliver life-transforming workshops. I sometimes teach still, but mostly mentor and train others.

I've written three books: 'How To Teach Performance', 'Encountering Ensemble' and 'Climbing the Mountain' .

My approach to training is called 'Self-With-Others', based in developing understanding of the inner and outer universes simultaneously. It's a practical approach to performing under pressure, and a conceptual framework for healthy and empowered living.

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