Presence is your Superpower

Develop focus, calm, connection, confidence, and charisma.

Develop embodied presence.

Are you....

Constantly distracted?

Often anxious?

Do you dwell on the past?

Do you obsessively plan the future?

Are you exhausted just trying to get from moment to moment?

It's time to unleash your superpower.

'Presence' isn't some spooky alternative reality.

It's not a state of spiritual enlightenment.

It's not a mystery only a 'select few' can understand.

Presence is paying attention to here and now.

Presence is not being distracted.

Presence is getting out of your thoughts and connecting with reality.

It's easy to understand.

(That doesn't make it easy to do.)

Like most things it takes practice, discipline and gentle determination.

It takes work.

Are you ready to do the work to unleash your power?

My name's John Britton.

For thirty years I've been training people in presence.

Even when they thought I was training them in something else, 'presence' was the foundation from which my work grew.

I've worked with film, theatre, dance and circus performers. I've worked in schools, universities, conservatoria, community settings, corporate environments, and with therapists, activists and knowledge-seekers of many varieties. I've worked all over the world, from Melbourne to Hangzhou, Mumbai to Seattle, Mexico to Athens, Bogota to London.

What have I learned about Presence?

Three things:

- Presence is very simple. It's what's left when you stop being distracted.

- Presence is available to everyone. The only thing you need is some information and a willingness to work.

- Presence changes everything. There's not a single situation you'll encounter that's not helped by becoming more present.

I've put together the Presence Package to offer you EVERYTHING you need to travel the journey to become more present, more of the time. It contains the keys to the kingdom! What kingdom? The kingdom of the here and now.

The Presence Package Contains

The Personal Power Programme

This 10 day programme offers an embodied experience of developing presence. Each day there are three short audio files.

The first gives a brief lesson - around 5 minutes long - which stimulates your thinking and awareness.

The second is a 10 minute movement practice - simple, gentle and calming - which lets you experience the lesson through your body.

The third is a simple task to keep in mind between completing one day's work and starting the next. It helps you translate the work into your daily life.

The Personal Power Programme is an embodied encounter with the lived reality of being more present. Work your way through and then come back to any of the lessons, anytime you want, to drop into more immediate, tranquil and open engagement with the here and now.

The 8 Principles of Presence - Video Course

You receive access to a private Youtube playlist. It contains 9 videos that take you deep into the heart of the 8 Principles of Presence. These are the deceptively simple, life-changing ways of disciplining and training your thinking to eradicate distraction and open you to awareness of the possibilities of NOW!

5 Articles of Insight

The Presence Package contains 5 articles I've published over the years in various places, gathered together here for the first time. They include: 'What is Presence?', 'Why is Presence Important', '8 Things That Improve when you Train Presence', 'What is Authenticity?', 'What is Charisma?'. Together they give a clear conceptual structure to help you understand your journey into presence - and if you teach Presence to others, a foundation for you to work from.

'Climbing The Mountain: The Performer's Journey Into Presence'

Published in 2017, 'Climbing The Mountain' is a day-by-day journey through training a group of performers to become more connected, live and present. Though originally intended as a guide for actors and dancers, 'Climbing The Mountain' has been taken up in corporate, spiritual and therapeutic contexts. It offers simple, playful yet profound insights into the day-by-day reality of training yourself to become more fearlessly present, more accepting of reality, more powerful in the choices you make about how to live.

The Presence Package contains a download of the E-book version of 'Climbing The Mountain' (a print copy is available for a small extra fee)

A free cheat-sheet download

The 8 Principles of Presence are life-savers! Pithy, memorable phrases to pull you away from distraction and back into presence. When your mind starts to wander away, The 8 Principles pull you back! The 8 Principles Download is a printable reminder to put above your desk, tuck in your favourite notebook or stick to the door of your fridge!


The different elements of The Presence Package, bought separately, cost £59. I'm bringing them together here, and offering them at a huge discount, because I REALLY want you to start to use your power. The world needs empowered people. I also want to be connected with you. Perhaps you'll want more from me in future. Perhaps you'll let me know what you're doing and I'll want things from you! I want to be part of a community of people commited to disciplining their thinking, becoming more present and working to make the world a better place.

That's why I am selling the entire Presence Package for only £30.

You can purchase it now.

You can start your journey now.

31 Audio Files

9 Videos

5 Articles

1 Book

All only £30